Christmas Blessings

On the eve of Christmas 2009 I’m pondering what happened the last 12 months. It was a tough year, I had to cross many hurdles. I sweated, I grunted, I was dead tired at times. I got bitten by a cobra, I had a serious flu. The purchase of my house nearly fell through, I was involved in two car crashes. The list is endless.

But I know I also received many blessings this year. I didn’t go to bed hungry one night. I had lots of hugs and loves from my children. My GF loves me. I started a blog. I’m making sense of my earthly life. And spiritually I’m ready to grow again.

So my goal for the next few months are: To remember all the good things I received (too many to remember), to be thankful for what I have (and it is a lot!), and to keep my belief systems fresh and sharp.

Looking forward to it!