See, I even learned the word! Wow! Improvement 8-)) !

Smiles aside, I am new to blogging. At first, I just wanted to give back something to all the wonderful people whose technical blogs I read when I got stuck, and who helped me . Thanks guys!

And I just want to confirm that their advice – while not always laid out in polite language – was always a great source to draw on. I looked at the regulars and I was in awe! I never thought I could ever do that – it was far beyond me. I’m just a simple project manager, trying to survive in my own little world.

And then a strange thing happened (the hows and whys are subjects for another time): I installed WordPress on my own site just to play with, understand, and then I changed a theme, and then … and then … it is now 3 months later and the speed is accelerating.

Officially, I’m now a newbie blogger. I have no idea what I’m doing, I don’t what is happening behind my back, but I’m having fun. Mosey over and have a look. Please comment.