It’s suddenly cold and I lost my mojo

July 2016. So much happening. Inside me, outside me, in my country, in the world.

I thought it is supposed to be the Age Of Aquarius. Things should get better, smoother, more peaceful.

Yet, from where I sit, the fire is raging hotter than ever. All the fires.

How is one supposed to keep your head in all of this?

And how is my little one, who doesn’t yet have all the adult skills to help her, supposed to survive. She is strong, but will she be strong enough?

Only time will tell.

Get in shape young man

It has been a while hey? No posts here, only there. Guess I have to think it through, what do I want, what should I write about.

I have been posting on and of course but the focus is not there. I am blogging for myself, not for others. And that is OK I guess, except I have been promising myself to monetize the site (any site really) and I have been looking at the mechanisms and tools. I have it all, I just have to use it.

So, this is a bookmark, a little scribble in the margin, to remind me when I publicly said I was lazy. The next time I come back here I want to have some good news!

Hello Mr T

Good morning Mr Technorati. This is your token, hope you come visiting soon! CFDVZFAN9NGX


Seasons Greetings


Christmas Blessings

On the eve of Christmas 2009 I’m pondering what happened the last 12 months. It was a tough year, I had to cross many hurdles. I sweated, I grunted, I was dead tired at times. I got bitten by a cobra, I had a serious flu. The purchase of my house nearly fell through, I was involved in two car crashes. The list is endless.

But I know I also received many blessings this year. I didn’t go to bed hungry one night. I had lots of hugs and loves from my children. My GF loves me. I started a blog. I’m making sense of my earthly life. And spiritually I’m ready to grow again.

So my goal for the next few months are: To remember all the good things I received (too many to remember), to be thankful for what I have (and it is a lot!), and to keep my belief systems fresh and sharp.

Looking forward to it!

Uys Family in remote areas

Gravestone in Texas

Unknown Uys gravestone in Texas

This morning I decided to spend an hour or two looking at my family history and geneaology and stuff. While opening some of the Google search links I came across this picture of a gravestone (tombstone as we would call it) in a cemetry in Texas. No other information was available.

I’m very¬†disappointed¬†in the general family tree / family history / geneaology thing. When you start a Google or Yahoo search you get hundreds of reference sites and even more people trying to sell you software or searches. But nobody really has solid, evidential information. They are just fishing for your dollars. Oh, and they focus on the USA. When you ask for information about South African families, they are still willing to take your dollars but they only return USA search information. Unproductive and useless to me. I want information about MY family over the last few hundred years as it relates to ME.

I did have some lucky discoveries. Made some links to sites in Australia and other countries. There are even some local guys each one trying to do his/her own thing, not really sharing resources with each other and not really consistent in content either.

Out of interest sake I was wondering if somebody knows more about this grave, or the person behind it. Was it her husband’s name? Where is he now? Where did he or she originate from? Are there other Uys’s in that area? My main blog site on might have other information.

Please feel free to comment.